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So, do you wanna know how you damage your hair by applying hair products to your hair and what are the side effects of hair wax.

Hair wax side effects depend on 5 things –

  • Hair Quality
  • Product Quality
  • Climatic Condition
  • Genes/ Heredity
  • Hair Caring

When ever any of the above factor get disturbed then we get to see side effects and let’s see what are they?

Here are some of the generic side effects of hair wax,

1. Hairfall Side effect

2. Dandruff Side Effect

3. Oiliness Side Effect

4. Roughness Side Effect

Now also, If you want to use hair wax then Keep these 5 things in mind:

1. You cannot use it often.

Companies want you to know that you can use hair wax every single day and it’s safe to use look brother’s you should understand that your hair is dead it doesn’t have a life but it’s connected to your head and it still grows with natural oils init.

Every time you apply hair wax and wash your head you are getting rid of all-natural oils and moisture so in the long run, it can ruin the quality of your hair.

Keep in my that you can use the hair product smartly when you go on a very important occasion, but don’t use it every day.

2. Directly affects your hair

It’s because of alcohol when you see the ingredient’s of any hair product almost always you will find alcohol.

Alcohol is added to cream to make them softer than they spread more evenly but the effect of alcohols is that they dried out your hair.

It makes your hair rough and brittle if you use the products in the longterm. And also what happens after 2-3 days your hair ends up looking pretty rubbish and it looks unhealthy.

After that, you will go for more hair wax to make your hair look better but in the long term, you are making it dryer you’re killing the life of your hair.

Are you scared with the side effects of hair wax but it’s the truth.

3. Scalp Health

You have to understand how a strand of hair is built it’s just like a tree so the main body of the hair is like the tree but the root of the tree is what we call the hair follicle which is present in your scalp.

Scalp image

The skin on your head that’s like the soil for the tree now you’ve got to keep in mind that all hair growth happens through the follicle so you really gonna care about follicle health as well as scalp health.

If the product usage goes wrong is that cases people end up using crow log and then a bit of it always trickles down to your scalp that means it falls on your scalp and ends up blocking pores of your skin now hair product companies will tell you,

“Why are you putting on your scalp we told you that put on your hair-hair”

Yes, that’s true when you’re applying the product you are only supposed to apply to the body of your hair but everyone sweats.

We live in India it’s a hot climate that sweat is gonna take all that hair products and make it trickles down to your scalp and that affects your scalp healthy in the long term.

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4. Cheap = Bad

The cheaper your product is the worst it’s for your hair this is something you need to know when we’re talking about fashion you and shop smart you can save money buy cheap clothes.

But with grooming products, you shouldn’t look to save money because it’s something you are applying on your hair, on your skin.

Keep one thing in mind never ever spend below 500 rupees for your hair products and also if any products come under 500 rupees it’s probably a cheap product.

5. You can look great without hair product

If you are someone who’s got slightly curly or wavy hair then keep it short if it will be short it will always look good.

And if you’re someone who’s got straight soft hair so you don’t need product in the first place it already looks fantastic.


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