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We all know it’s party time. This is the time to you best its time you to shine. The right party wear for men will help you to do that in other words, if you wear a great outfit people will talk about you. You’re gonna make new friends, and the girls at the party will notice you. That’s why today I gonna share 5 party wear for men which help you to rock.

Before starting with the list, Something you gonna understand that wearing party outfit is not enough. You should wear constant to enhance your look.

3 Constant’s For Every Party Wear For Men:

1- You should wear some kind of wrist accessories ideally it should be a watch. A watch can make your look more stylish but also keep in mind to wear a watch according to your outfit.

2- You should apply perfect hair products that can be hair wax or hair clay. Style your hair according to your face shape after that use hair spray to lock your hair.

3- A good quality of the perfume to smell good because if you smell good then you are good to go.

1. Formals for Partywear

It can be absolute formal party wear maybe your office party or corporate event.

Upper Body: For this type of party, you can wear a good formal shirt that you are gonna tuck in your pants.

Shirt option:

Dark Color: Black, Navy Blue, Dark Grey, marron, etc.

Off-White: Extremely light pink or light blue.

Pattern-Shirt: A small pattern shirt can also be an option.

Lower Body: With the shirt, you should wear a good quality of trouser which will add more value to your party wear.

You can also wear chinos with a shirt. Colors like black, brown, navy blue, olive green, etc.

As for your shoes and belt in this case obviously, you’ve got to match the colors it’s a formal occasion you can go for formal shoes or semi-formal shoes.

In addition, if you want to go one step further and impress everyone on that formal occasion you can wear a suit. Keep a thing in mind if it’s a formal event than match your trousers to the colour of your jacket.

2. Formalish Casual

parties where it’s a little more chill maybe you are going on someone’s birthday, anniversaries, or maybe a lounge party.

So, when we are talking about formalish casual look you’ve to keep in mind 2 factor’s that is played around with colours and patterns.

Upper Body: Now a day’s small pattern shirt is in the trend so why to not go with it. Pattern shirt looks dope for a casual party and it can be great party wear for men.

Lower Body: Along with the pattern shirt, you should always wear chinos. Once again no trouser and no jeans only chinos can be paired. So let’s talk about the color of the pants like navy blue, black, brown, etc.

You can wear casual loafers or semi-formal shoes like a pair of brogues to match the whole look.

3. Casual Partywear

Let’s dress down a little and lets talk about the situation where you can afford to wear t-shirts and jeans.

Yes! We are talking about the clubbing look or the smart party look.

Upper Body: For a casual look, you have many options but to be specific you can wear a Polo shirt of any dark color or you can wear a v-neck t-shirt which is slightly more party look than just a normal round neck t-shirt.

Lower Body: Along with the polo t-shirt or v-neck t-shirt, you can pair up with chinos and you will feel like its kind of formal because of polo collar element but keep in mind that this outfit is 100% casual, Also instead of paring with chinos you can pair it up with distressed jeans which are extremely in trend right now.

Also, if you want to take your look to the next level and stand out from the crowd then you can pair it up with a smart bomber jacket with v-neck t-shirt and good pair of jeans. you can choose a versetile color jackets.

For shoes you can wear a single color sneaker like white colored sneakers or any single colored sneakers.

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4. Pool Side Party Wear

It’s a day time and wear talking about the day time party like beach parties or a pool side party.

This wear will help you to stand out of the crowd in summer party wear as well. It’s all game of light colors.

Upper Body: You can wear light and bright color shirts. It can be a full shirt or half shirt but just make sure if you are wearing a full sleeves shirt than you have to roll up your sleeves.

Lower Body: It’s a day time party and you have to keep it really casual, You have an option of a shorts you can pair a good color shorts in matching with your shirt. Also you can wear a chinos but if you want to make a style statement go for the shorts.

You can wear a loafers with your shirt and shorts.

5. Layered Party Wear

Are you worried what to wear in winters ? You can wear a layered party wear in a new year party or a Christmas party.

Here will be talking about a set of clothes with a single color scheme also you can try different variation an rock in the party.

Upper Body: So, You can wear a white Turtle Neck sweat-shirt which makes you stand out of the crowd and help you to be more confident, and on top of that you can layer it with a blue denim jacket.

Lower Body: Just Go with the blue distressed jeans and you are sorted. Blue denim jeans will look more attractive when it’s paired with the blue denim jacket.

And for shoes you can wear a white chuck taylor which will match with your Turtle Neck White sweat shirt.


All the Party wears for men listed here are my own opinion and suggestion for you all. If you think you can replace them with better wear, then let us know your suggestion in the comment box, we are happy to hear from you.


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