Fashion Hack For Mens

Do you want to know everything about fashion? Here you will be getting the real-life fashion hacks which you can Implement and look more classy…

Fashion Hacks for Men are as follow:

1. Modifying Your T-shirt

Go find yourself a tailor and I’ll tell you why you pick up any t-shirt from your wardrobe and you can absolutely enhance that t-shirt make it more expensive more stylish and more fitted just by two simple steps:

  1. You reduce the length of your sleeves till your biceps peak.
  2. You have to tighten your t-shirt sleeves to the right amount, Make sure it should not be very tight or extremely loose.

2. Modifying Your Pants

we have spoken about modifying t-shirts now let’s talk about pants.

Now you got to understand that style trends with pants keeps changing and the current trend since about 2010 or 2012 onwards narrow-based pants are in fashion.

Regular jeans or chinos will look much more stylish if they have a narrow base around your ankle it should be fitted so what does this do for a fit guy.

So just how tight sleeves show your biceps. Tight and narrow bases of pant enhance your look.

  1. The rule for pants is to go find your self a tailor and tell him to narrow down all your pants.
  2. If you’re someone who was that’s okay you can fix those baggy jeans by narrowing just a bottom.

Your Tailor is your best friend.

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3. Correct Size Fashion hack

Many guys make mistake in selecting the right size clothes for themselves.

Secondly, If you’re someone who goes to the gym I get you like to showoff your muscles and that’s a natural thing for a gym guy.

But, In the process of showing off a lot of guys wear extra tight clothes.

I understand that you have earned that body by struggling for a long time in the gym. That’s the intention you are going with but the people around you don’t like that.

They perceive you as his clothes are extra tight okay bro we know that you are working out.

The right size of clothes is:

  1. For pants, it should be that much fit that your cell phone should fit into your pocket and not pop out of your pants.
  2. As for the t-shirt you shouldn’t wear anything in a tight bit of space for breathing.
  3. 101 fashion hacks for men is when you go for a shopping just buy your perfect size.

4. Collars Fashion hacks for men

we are talking about collars do not underestimate what a collar can do to the overall look of your t-shirt.

Now lot of fit guys make this mistake of only wearing tight round neck t-shirts because they wanna show-off their arms.

But, If really you wanna show your body then a collar can seriously affect your game how?

  1. For that, you can go with v-neck t-shirts.
  2. we are talking about collars of polo’s and shirt’s, it helps you to look more prominent.

Remember, when people are looking at you they are looking at your face. So your neck compliments your face and it will make your neck look more muscular.

5. How To Select Your Pants

Firstly, to select your pants there are three categories:

If you’re slim.

If you who is skinny the mistake that most of that skinny guys make with buying pants is that they buy slim fit pants, thinking that it’ll look classy.

But if you are very thin, if you have very thin legs slim-fit pants enhance the thinness of your leg. so try to bu straight cut pants.

If you think you are overweight.

You should buy a regular fit pants or jeans and take them to tailor and narrow down a little bit.

If you think you are fit.

Talking about the fit guys first keep in my that if you squat you have a very thick thighs. The rule for fit guys is:

  1. Buy according to your thigh size if it has a looser waist then use a belt.


All the Fashion hacks for Men listed here are my own opinion and suggestion for you all. If you think you can replace them with better style, then let us know your suggestion in the comment box, we are happy to hear from you.


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